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About I'd Rather Stay

“I’d Rather Stay” intimately explores of joys and challenges of growing older in one's chosen home and neighbourhood. Stories are told through the eyes of 5 older adults (65+) in Vancouver, BC.  The documentary explores fear, resilience, and the importance of building more accessible and inclusive communities.  The video reflects themes that were generated from three programs of research focused on learning more about what older adults need to age in the right place.

In its first year of dissemination, “I’d Rather Stay” served as a discussion tool at 7 different forums, received 84 additional requests for screenings, and was accepted at three international film festivals. It was screened for upwards of 1,600 individuals.

To read more about how it was received at film festivals, see the CHHM blog: “I’d Rather Stay” on the film fest circuit: reaching an international public."  

FAQ for hosting a community screening

Why should I do this?

It is a fun and engaging way to talk about a really important issue – ‘what helps people meet their daily needs and stay active, healthy, and happy as they age?’ At the outset, however, consider what motivates you to host an event as this influences who you will invite, and the location and facility you need for the event. Before you begin planning ask yourself:

  1. What motivates me to host this event? i.e. Why do I want to do this?
  2. Who would benefit from being in the room?
  3. What do I want people to think, feel and do at and after the event?
  4. Do I want to include a panel of community and professional ‘experts’ to help answer attendees’ questions and move the discussion along? (If you do have a panel, we suggest leaving sufficient time for an open discussion – that’s when the magic happens)

Does it matter that I’ve never done anything like this before?

Not at all. Older adult community members who were totally new to hosting a documentary screening and discussion have hosted very successful events. The support materials posted on the Shape the Path website are designed to assist you. Enthusiasm and a spirit of adventure and tapping into skills and resources within your immediate community contribute to the success of these events.

Are the technical aspects important?

Yes! When showing the documentary, sound and image quality are of critical importance.

You will need to:

  1. Thoroughly read the technical assistance documents on this website.
  2. Learn if the event room has all the necessary A/V equipment set-up, and if not, establish what needs to be added and find out where to rent or borrow it from.
  3. Get the right gear; if necessary, source out and ask questions of local audio visual companies.
  4. Allow for plenty of time to set up (1 to 2 hours). We recommend a test run the day before – it will help your event run smoothly and you to sleep better the night before!

Should I follow-up with attendees after the event?

How, when, and if you follow-up with attendees at your event depends on your desired goals. It is good to state your event goals at the start of the screening, and re-cap at the end, so everyone in attendance is clear on ‘next-steps.’ We recommend you share your contact information and/or provide an opportunity for attendees’ to give their email address and phone number so that everyone can stay connected.

How can I share event outcomes and contribute to the larger discussion about age-friendly neighbourhoods?

We would love to help you gather feedback from your event attendees, and also to learn what they learned. A printable survey about I’d Rather Stay and your event is available HERE. Please contact us to share the feedback forms with us from your event.

We also want to learn about organizers’ experiences. If you are an organizer, complete the feedback form HERE, and/or contact us to have a one-on one interview so we can learn more about you and your community’s experience.

There are a number of additional ways you can share event outcomes and any plans for next steps. You might draft a press release for mainstream media, write a letter to a local city councillor, or collaborate with us to post a blog on our ASAPActive blog.

Essentials for hosting a screening (support documents for download)

We highly recommend you email us to request  that we virtually send you the documentary, especially if you plan to share it with others. Internet streaming can be slow and unreliable. By playing the documentary directly off of your computer, you will improve viewing quality and the audience experience. 

Contact us HERE

Download the poster

Need help to spread the word about your event? Download the I’d Rather Stay promotional poster. It includes space for you to write or ‘copy and paste’ the time and location of your event.

Facilitation guide (click to print)

Technical guides

Instructions for audio-visual requirements in non-movie theatre settings

Infographic of audio-visual equipment

Promotional Trailer

Want to entice people through e-mail, or social media? Feel free to share our promotional trailer

Your opinions and experiences matter!

We want to hear from you to help us improve our research and community engagement tools and initiatives. Ultimately we aim to more effectively reach out to our networks and together make real-world changes for the better. Please complete the short surveys below:

Feedback form for event attendees

Feedback form for event organizers